We print your idea!

Do you want to hold your very own idea or design in your hands?

Worry not! No matter what’s keeping you from obtaining the missing piece, we are here to help you accomplish your goal!

We can offer you everything from a draft to a touched-up, airbrushed and finished masterpiece. All you have to do is describe your idea to us.

To do this, you can simply fill out our contact form, which you can find ↓ down below. Please, feel free to attach a picture or a sketch to it.

We will be back with you shortly.

Let’s say your concept goes beyond 3D-prints; maybe even to infinity* and beyond? In whichever case, PROPMAKING might be just your match! The possibilities to bring your idea to life with this process are more fanned out and customizable. *(Well, almost… Sadly, we’re not buzzing this hard. Please keep in mind that there is always a machine-tolerance.)

To put the process into perspective for you:

  1. Receiving the concept/draft of your idea or design
  2. Creating a 3D-model
  3. Slicing the 3D-model for print
  4. Preparing printer and printing
  5. Touch-up, removing support structures (optional)
  6. Sanding
  7. Filling
  8. Sanding (redo step 6-8 until dead satisfied with product)
  9. Priming
  10. Airbrush/lacquer
  11. Seal
  12. Wrap up nice and cozy for transit
  13. Shipping
  14. Unwrap
  15. Let joy consume you
  16. Give feedback… m/ Good Job! 8)

Depending on where you’re at in translating your idea into action, you can get on this ride at an individually chosen step fitting to your own process. However, steps 14 to 16 are required by law*. *(Just kidding, 16 is optional, but very much appreciated.)