Hey you, you’re finally awake! First of all, we would like to welcome you on our site!

ThuwooCreative is supposed to be a place for YOU and YOUR passion of creating cosplay. We’re not just a cooperaterun company – we’re cosplayers ourselves and share the enthusiasm, as well as the wonderful sides of everything that is ✨cosplay✨. Such as: Finally priding yourself in your creation, which you have crafted in artisanal legwork, months of planning, sweat and blood, just in order to stride in it on the fairground.

However, we also know the ‘shadow-realm’ of cosplay… Say, the tip of your soldering iron has had enough of merging cables together and would prefer mingling your fingers instead. Or you’re in the instance of life and glue – and the glue, rather than conjoining the FOAM, decided to bring new glam to your clothes or flooring… Huh, come again, why are we doing this? Oh, right: the satisfaction of seeing your finished work and pluming yourself in its full glory! All in all: Cosplay is thriving from creativity of each and every one of us. Even when the same character with different people underneath walks past you for the 10th time, each of these costumes is its own, individual creation and worlds apart in its marrow. Now, there is a wide variety of costume-parts whose design and pattern can be interpreted in many different ways, though, the basic structure always stays the same. That’s where we want to join on. For example: Take a Darksidercostume of Fury, War, Strife or Death. The claws are different in their technique, structure and surface but the base is always the same. This type of solution is supposed to take away unnecessary hardship and instead increase the joy of creating the costume. The individual design part stays the same but the time costing expenditure decreases. Yeah! Another part of what makes Thuwoo what it is, is our own ambition of creation. This branch combines handmade products, gadgets and individual solutions made just for you: so called ‘props’ (equipment) or custom 3D-prints. Aside from that you’ll also find prints straight out of our own cosplay life. Suggestions and feedback go right HERE. We’d be happy to hear your thoughts and assist you however we can! If you want to know even more about us, the team behind ThuwooCreative, go right ahead and scroll further down↓. If that’s not your cup of tea, we also have a video to the right → OR, if you desire, you can simply continue to skim through our website; your own personal adventure, that is.

You can find us and our content on all social-media-platforms below. We hope that you have as much fun as we do!


Just so you know: yes, we’re really from Thuringia!

Our friendship has lasted over many years and, as you might’ve experienced it yourself, sometimes there’s a bunch of
wild ideas plopping up. Which is also what has made the grounds of ALL THIS.

Our quest as the ThuwooCreative-Team started in January 2021. Not to spoil anything for you, but yes, fine wine in a
tavern was the key-element that made us decide on bringing our hobby to the next level.
After miles and miles of legal papers, sweat, tears and building our workshop, we accomplished the quest on the 1st of July, 2021 and were crowned as a GbR. Sounds almost like a game-developers dream, right?

When we say “we”, we’re talking, for one, about two pure blood cosplayers, Sari and Mari.
These two know how the wind blows around this scene and have already realized some quite impressive projects.
If this has intrigued you, you can check it out on our portfolio-site.
And now, to complete the “we”, we’re doing a 180 from cosplay to lugging bags around the fairground or convention
halls. You know, the handy-guy; always ready to save the day and knows more about technical stuff and machinery
than any developer could ever fit in a riddle-game. The operator of this wild ride: Dani.

We’re hoping, that by doing this together, we’ll be able to really get the ball rolling in the German cosplay-scene and support any rookie or full-fledged god (professional cosplayer), with our ideas and innovations. (Overtaking the world and whatnot is a quest for another day…)

If you looked ↓ down already, you may have found the character selection table. We wanted to use this design to easily and quickly give you an idea about us and the things going on in our heads. That’s better than writing a full resume, right? We hate reading big chunks of text just as much as you!

Let’s say, after all this overload of information you still feel like you don’t really know who we are (cross our heart, we don’t fully either) you can find our social-media handles ↓ down below.

stay Creativ!!

Your ThuwooCreative-Team 🙂

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Creator / Cosplayer / Webdesigner / grinding master

Creator / Cosplayer / Cutter / Webdesigner

3D-Printing-God / constructor / Motivator